Nintendo’s Obsession With Gameplay is Dumb. Here’s Why.

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Shared April 1, 2021

Nintendo is famous for always putting gameplay first! Nintendo is usually more concerned with the moment to moment gameplay of their games than any other big player in the industrie. This approach allowed them to craft revolutionary gaming experiences over and over and over again.
Until very recently. Because, recently I played through Nintendo’s newest Mario adventure, Bowser’s Fury, and while I overall really enjoyed my time with Bowser’s Fury, it also kind of opened my eyes for a problem that many recent Nintendo games have.

Many of Nintendo’s recent titles are so obsessively putting gameplay over everything else, that it actually starts to make their games worse.

So today we are going to take a deep dive into this problem. We are going to take a look at how Nintendo crafted many brilliant games in the past using their gameplay first approach, we’ll chat about how gameplay is only one of the many parts required to create a great game, and we will discuss how Nintendo brutally neglected important parts of bowser’s fury, because of their unhealthy obsession with gameplay.

00:00​ - Intro
01:52​ - Everything Gameplay
07:47​ - A Tiny Garden
12:20​ - Clanker's Teeth and Jinxy's Nose
16:20​ - The Shrine and the Scarecrow
21:07​ - Bowser's Fury

Link to the Nintendo Treehouse Tumblr post:

Link to the Interview about Hakoniwa gardens and Galaxy:

Thanks to DiggerandIndy and for providing open footage of Luigi’s Mansion!

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