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Shared September 10, 2021

Here's the Supporter-only Q&A from September 9th, 2021. All comments and questions are fielded through the supporter service Q&A page.

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00:00  Hello!
00:11  120fps to 60fps conversion for capture/streaming
02:16  RGB2Comp always on issue?
06:35  What other cap specs like ESR to pay attention to?
11:59  Scaling 720p to 4K
18:48  Latest RT5x firmware fixed a Neo Geo sync issue
19:45  HDMI to Component Converters:
21:20  Direct capture:  I still recommend the same video tools, but check out MDFourier-approved audio hardware (even used on eBay) in place of the stuff I formerly suggested:
26:12  Can you run component video through the VGA input of GBS-C?
28:08  Capturing MKII from an arcade board
33:14  PS1 issues through RT2x-M
37:59  RT5x + scanlines with 720p?
42:24  GC ODE + CD  /  MiSTerCade  /  CPS2 mod:
46:13  Is it safe to use both analog and digital outputs from a GameCube at the same time?
50:49  Getting GameCube audio when using the official component cables:  Original Nintendo composite cables, or:
53:17  F*ck spiders
59:13  MAME vs MiSTer in arcade multi's
1:03:37  Should ever Saturn owner get a RAM cart?  PS1 resolution list?