Luigi’s Casino: The Fake World of Super Mario 64 DS That Was Brought to Life

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Shared July 27, 2021

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Luigi's Casino in Super Mario 64 DS was a strange place. It seemed so separate than any other area within the game and essentially untouchable. A world that players wanted to partake in... That eventually lead to one modder taking up the challenge to make it a reality.

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Credits and sources:

Written, filmed, and edited by SwankyBox.
Luigi's Casino mod by Hailbot.
Casino Luigi Brawl Mod in thumbnail:

Music credits:
Songs from various Super Mario OST's

"Lake Lapcat" - Bowser's Fury
"Casino Delfino" - Super Mario Sunshine
"Carnival World" - Glover (Non-Mario)

"Aerosol of my Love" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License