Which Super Mario Odyssey Boss is the Absolute Worst One?

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Shared October 2, 2020

I have a love hate relationship with the bosses in Super Mario Odyssey. So here’s the thing; In my opinion Super Mario Odyssey has some of the best boss fights in all of the Super Mario series, but while some of the bosses are really great highlights of the game, there are also some bosses that are … well not. This kind of leaves us with an eternal question? Why are some of the bosses in Super Mario Odyssey better than others? What is it that makes a Super Mario Odyssey boss really great, why are some of them so annoying, and most important of all? Which out of all the Super Mario Odyssey Boss fights is the best one, and which one is the absolute worst? In this video we are going to investigate those eternal questions, because today we are going to rank all the bosses in Super Mario Odyssey and we are going to put them into a formidable Super Mario tier list!

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