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Shared May 18, 2021

A Pi Storm is coming! This Raspberry Pi based retro accelerator for the Commodore Amiga promises to deliver everything you could possibly want. Acceleration, SCSI hard disk emulation, RTG, RAM and a lot more all for the low price of a Pi and the PiStorm PCB. But does it live up to the promises? Here's my first impression of the new project.

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00:00 Intro
02:55 The PiStorm PCB
05:45 Preparing the PiStorm
06:32 Choosing an Amiga for the PiStorm
07:30 Problems with the PiStorm
09:29 Using the PiStorm
12:00 Speed Testing the PiStorm
17:45 Doom will never run on an Amiga
18:50 Conclusion on the PiStorm

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